The Book of Ice

This is a picture book- contact me to read the script.

The Book of Ice uses rich imagery, rhyme and word play to introduce children to a cold world of winter, and their power as readers to interact with the story and bring warmth and joy to the characters.

 The book is written in rhyming verse AABB which provides a simple introduction to poetry and rhythm. It also uses rich imagery and word play with repeating sounds (Eg “eyes” and “ice”), alliteration (Eg “glisten, gloat”) onomatopeia (eg “CRACK!”) and metaphor (eg “a flame of hope begins to BLAZE”) and simile (eg “cold as ice”). It can be read on both a superficial and metaphorical level,  providing interest to adults and teachers reading the book aloud as well as older children (target reader is 4-5 years old). The message of the reader’s power to bring about change by words and actions (Eg befriending the girl and recognising the ice baby has a heart) can be transferred into everyday life in the child’s world of home and school. Children are encouraged to interact with the story with the direct question “What can we DO? What can we SAY?” as well as identify themselves as readers, being addressed as such, and understand they can choose to dip into the world of imagination whenever they pick up a book. Teachers could also use the book to discuss the properties of ice and snow, the seasons, how the sun causes plants to grow and melts snow, as well as the moral messages of friendship, love and causing change in the stories around us.

I would like to develop this book into a series of books about different seasons, weathers and elements, all following the same idea as The Book of Ice ie that they are both educational and fictional/ metaphorical with a moral message. Some ideas I have are:

– The Book of Water (about the water cycle, types of water related to mood eg calm/ peace and stormy/ wild),

– The Book of Fire (about fire, and the themes of danger, safety and anger)

– The Book of Mud (about earth/ mud, our planet, link to the environment, growth, caring and stewardship)

– The Book of Rainbows (about Rainbows, colour, hope and promise, inclusion)

– Weather related books (eg The Book of Clouds/ Storms/ Wind/ Sunshine/ Lightning/ Thunder- about different emotions, seasons, optimism/ pessimism/ depression/ mental health)

I envisage the books to be a multi-sensory experience, for example The Book of Ice to have a plastic ice-cube looking cover, cool jelly bubbles of glittery blue liquid on the pages to touch, glittery illustrations, and it could be promoted with free ice pops at book readings. I would also like some of the proceeds for each book to go to a related charity- for example The Book of Rain/Water could raise money for WaterAid.

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