About Me

Writer. Poet. Painter. Lover of Jesus, my Romanian husband and beautiful miracle baby, cats, humus, pizza and chocolate (in that order, with a side of curly fries).

I have a first class degree in creative writing and early childhood studies. God has blessed me with the experience of working in many different roles in churches and schools including working with children with special educational needs such as autism and downs syndrome. I most recently worked as a speech and language therapy assistant for under 5s and side hustled as an online English teacher. I love languages and helping children experience the wonder and depth of language and communication.

I believe language is the foundation of learning and life. Without language we cannot communicate effectively which has a negative impact on our education, relationships, behaviour and wellbeing. God Himself created the universe using words (Genesis 1) and Jesus is the Word of God (John 1).

I’ve loved reading and writing since as early as I can remember. I can more easily express myself on paper than verbally. I even prefer to write my prayers down. One of my favourite things to do as a child was to make up poetry with my mum and act out stories with my identical twin.

I also enjoy learning other languages, I have studied French to A Level, a little German and Spanish and can speak Romanian to a basic conversational level. I have written a few simple poems in these languages and have the pleasure of bringing up my half Romanian daughter to be bilingual.

I hope that reading my writing develops a love of language and words in children and adults alike.