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Synopsis: A comedy sci-fi drama aimed at teenagers and adults. The main characters are “the brothers”- ROLYAT (17, protective, gangster, appears tougher than he is), his brother KAZ (15, joker and gangster image hides an insecure, sweet nature), and their friends DARONE (19, black, drug dealer with a conscience, offbeat, laid-back) and YAJ (16, Hispanic, homosexual, promiscuous, intelligent, member of eccentric gay cult gang Lord of the Trees). They squat in a house in East London.

The film opens with Rolyat and gang members joy-riding in a police car. Then each character is introduced with a scene. Kaz and gang members rob a mansion. Darone has a fight with a druggie over money. Yaj is in his tree gang and in love with Kaz.

Rolyat and Kaz each have a stone which makes their wishes come true. A cat takes Kaz to a pink light and he goes through it. Yaj follows secretly. Darone takes Rolyat’s stone and follows the cat when it comes back for Rolyat. Darone goes through the pink light instead of Rolyat.

The pink light transports to the Enig-Mass convention- here, everyone with a wishing stone discovers they are enigmas and can live forever. Their stones glow and combine to form the Enig-Mass, a powerful being which controls the Multi-Verse (all universes). As Darone has come in Rolyat’s place, the Enig-Mass cannot be fully formed and is angry. She knows there is an extra person, and someone who is not the rightful owner of the stone.

Darone wishes he didn’t have the stone and Rolyat had it and would save them. The stone appears in Rolyat’s hand and the bed he is on flies into the Multiverse. Darone and Yaj jump off the planet where the convention is and onto the bed. They do not tell Rolyat what happened. Rolyat’s stone glows red as it becomes corrupt. Darone and Yaj want to go back for Kaz but Rolyat doesn’t let them.

Later, Darone and Yaj try to take the stone from Rolyat as he sleeps but it is welded to his hand. Rolyat awakes to find he is in a mental institution and everything that happened was not real. Rolyat meets another patient, Kassie, who tells Rolyat she is an enigma but nobody believes her. Rolyat says he believes her. Her stone glows, and the stone in the sleeping Rolyat’s hand also glows. A pink light appears and Rolyat takes Kassie through it with him. Rolyat awakes to find Kaz next to him, and realizes Kaz is Kassie. He is back on the planet of the convention. He adds his glowing stone to the rest of the enigmas’ and the Enig-Mass is created in full form.

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